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Jaw & Zygomatic Implant

Jaw & Zygomatic Implant Surgery

Ketan has completed training courses with Nobel Biocare (U.K.) and Southern Implants (Republic of South Africa) for placing dental and zygomatic implants. He has access to world class 3D planning software and laboratory at Morriston Hospital to help plan and place dental and zygomatic implants for routine dental and more complex zygomatic implants for head and neck cancer patients.

Working alongside the very best Restorative team, Ketan regularly performs complete jaw reconstructions – often rebuilding the jaws ‘from scratch’ – using patients own leg bone following trauma or cancer surgery. He also is trained to place complex implants needing sinus lift and zygomatic implants – these implants are specially used in cases with poor bone quality in the maxilla or in cancer cases where the maxilla has been removed and patients are given dentures which are retained in the mouth using these zygomatic implants.