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Surgical Dental Procedures

My early graduate (BDS) and post graduate dental training (MDS) in the reputed Nair Hospital – Mumbai, India and subsequent training in Ireland and U.K. has allowed me to carry out more than 5000+ simple and complicated dental extractions. Ketan currently holds full General Dental & Medical Council Registrations. He is on the Specialist list as Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.

Patients having high anxiety and poor past dental experiences can be offered above procedures to be safely carried out under IV sedation or general anesthesia by highly qualified and trained anesthetists.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is a commonly carried out procedure for recurrent pain and infections. The associated risk of complication after removal is very low. One of the long-term but infrequent complications of wisdom tooth removal can be injury to the nerve supplying the lower lip and/or the tongue. In medical literature this occurs at a rate of 5% but it is mostly temporary. Permanent injury risks are less than 1%.


In cases where the roots are very closely associated with the nerve there is sometimes the option of performing a Coronectomy as an alternative to the conventional surgical removal of the whole tooth.

Coronectomy involves careful surgical division and removal of the crown part of the tooth, leaving the roots undisturbed and thereby reducing the risk of permanent nerve injury.

Jaw Pathology

During his training and qualification as NHS consultant, Ketan regularly treats patients with benign conditions of the jaw and oral cavity. His dual dental and medical background make him ideally positioned to provide treatment for jaw pathology and rehabilitation, i.e. replacement of teeth etc. often with bone grafts and dental implants.


More complex cysts or bone lesions can occur such as Odontogenic Keratocysts. These are relatively rare in nature and require careful specialist consideration and are often treated with a fixative called Carnoy solution to decrease incidence of recurrence.

Mucocele of Lower Lip

Common condition due to accidentally biting your lower lip can be treated easily by surgical removal.