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Treatment Pathway

Treatment Pathway

We understand it can be a very stressful time for patients undergoing treatment. This is why we will aim to support you throughout the pathway.

There will be 4 distinct steps to your treatment: referral, an initial consultation, then one or more surgical procedures if required. Finally – and just as important – there will be a period of aftercare.

Step 1. Referral

The very first step in the process is you, or your doctor or dentist, getting in touch with us. An appointment will subsequently be made for a consultation with Ketan at one of the prestigious clinics – usually either Morriston Hospital, Bridgend Private Clinic or the Parkway Clinic.

Step 2. The Initial Consultation

At your private consultation, Ketan will take the time to listen to your problems and arrange any necessary investigations – for example, X-rays or scans. These can normally be carried out at the same time as your consultation. Ketan will be very happy to discuss the relative merits of different treatment options based on the clinical and investigation findings.

Ketan will help you to weigh up the available options and arrive at the best decision for your individual circumstances.

Step 3. Surgery

If surgery is agreed, then this can be carried out under general anesthetic, or local anesthetic – with or without sedation. The surgery will be arranged at one of the hospitals at Morriston, Bridgend or the Parkway Clinic. This can usually be arranged within a week if required.

Joanne Blewett – my secretary will help with your arrangements. Surgery under general anesthesia is carried out by one of the highly specialized anesthetists that Ketan regularly works with.

Patients are monitored closely throughout surgery and post-operatively, and virtually all are able to go home the same day after a short period of observation. Patients are discharged home with all medications that they require.

Step 4. Patient Aftercare

Review appointments will be made to check that everything is settling back to normal. In addition to this you are encouraged to contact the team if you have any concerns.